Protect Our Precious Seniors

P.O.P.S. is a FREE SERVICE provided by St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office designed to assist in the well-being of St. John’s Senior Adults or Adults With Disabilities who live alone and may be at risk of frequent illnesses, falls, or social isolation.


Any combination of the following may qualify you for the program:

  • Must Be Homebound
  • Unable To Drive
  • Live Alone or With Another Elderly or Disabled Citizen
  • Few/No Visitors Each Week
  • Frequent Illness or Falls
  • Permanent Disability
  • Recent Hospital Discharge

Officer's Responsibility


  • Weekly Visit To the Citizen
  • Assess the Citizen’s Overall Condition
  • Assess the Citizen’s Living Conditions
  • Report Any Concerns to the Citizen’s Documented Primary Caregiver and/or Primary Care Physician (If Necessary)


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