DWI Checkpoint to be conducted Friday, December 11

Date: December 11, 2015

St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a DWI checkpoint tonight, Friday, December 11, 2015, from approximately 10:00 pm to 2:00 am at an undisclosed location in St John the Baptist Parish. Our mission will be to find and remove impaired drivers from the road before they can cause injury or death to themselves or others.

Each year, on Louisiana’s highways, numerous people are killed or seriously injured in automobile crashes that involve impaired drivers. Motorists are asked to designate a sober driver before traveling to any place where alcohol will be consumed. “Drive sober or get pulled over.”

December 9, 2015 release
St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office will conduct a DWI Checkpoint sometimes this week at an undisclosed location in St. John the Baptist Parish. The checkpoint will be manned by St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies as an ongoing proactive effort to remove impaired drivers from the roadways. The exact date and times will be announced on the day of the checkpoint.

The consequences of drinking and driving can be costly no matter how many drinks you have consumed
. The task of stopping impaired drivers is a joint effort of law enforcement agencies and the public. By never allowing an impaired driver to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and reporting dangerous drivers to law enforcement, the public can play an important role in the reduction of crashes caused by impaired drivers. Making poor decisions in a vehicle such as driving impaired, driving while distracted, or not wearing a seat belt leads to serious injuries and deaths every day across the state. Making the responsible decision can mean the difference between life and death.


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