Sheriff Sale

Sheriff Sale: 69894

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. vs.
Troy Anthony Saul


Type: Real Estate
Suit No. 69894
Plaintiff: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Defendant: Troy Anthony Saul
Property: 2232 GREENWOOD DR LAPLACE LA 70068
Date Writ: October 18, 2016
Writ Amount: $98,348.39
Appraised? No   
Plaintiff Attorney: Jason R. Smith
Attorney's Phone: 318-388-1440

On Hold

Sale Date: February 1, 2017
Sold Amount: $
Property Description: THAT CERTAIN PIECE OR PORITON OF GROUND, situated in RIVERLAND HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, SECTION NO. 8, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, being a resubdivision of Parcel R-1 and a portion of LaPlace Plantation lying North of Riverland Heights Subdivision, Section No. 7, West of the lower line of LaPlace Plantation and East of Riverland Golf & Country Club, situated in Section 66 & 67, T-11-S, R-7-E, as shown on a plan of survey by Stephen P. Flynn dated March 13, 1998 and approved for subdivision by the St. John the Baptist Parish Council on July 25, 2000, by Ordinance No. MM-44, recorded in COB 374, folio 417, Act No. 209577, Map File NO. 542, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, and is designated and more fully described as follows: LOT 1086, commencing 60.00 feet from a point along Greenwood Drive, thence measuring 60.00 feet front on Greenwood Drive to a point, thence measuring 104.52 feet along its Lot 1087 side to a point, thence measuring 60.00 feet in the rear along its 50' Canal Servitude side to a point, thence measuring 104.52 feet along its Riverlands Golf & Country Club side to the point of origination. All in accordance with the survey of Stephen P. Flynn, PLS, dated November 1, 2000; subject to restrictions, servitudes, rights-of-way and outstanding mineral rights of record affecting the property.







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