Sheriff Sale

Sheriff Sale: 69233

River Parish Financial Services. L.L.C. vs.
Grace Campbell Watkins


Type: Real Estate
Suit No. 69233
Plaintiff: River Parish Financial Services. L.L.C.
Defendant: Grace Campbell Watkins
Property: 150 PHOENIX LANE LAPLACE LA 70068
Date Writ: October 24, 2016
Writ Amount: $7,944.57
Appraised? No   
Plaintiff Attorney: Benjamine L. Johnson
Attorney's Phone: 225-473-1494


Sale Date: May 17, 2017
Sold Amount: $2,500.00
Property Description: THAT CERTAIN LOT OR PORTION OF GROUND, together with all the buildings and improvements hereon, and all of the rights, ways, privileges, servitudes, appurtenances and advantages thereon belonging or in anywise appertaining, situated in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, State of Louisiana, being a portion of the Edward Vicknair Estate, on the batture in front of Section 22,Township 11 South, Range 7 East, Southeastern Land of Louisiana, and according to print of survey by Harold J. Flynn, C.E., dated December 14, 1976, revised November 3, 1977, a print of which is attached to sale dated November 8, 1977 by Dowie L. Gendron To Mrs. Doloris Jackson, wife of, and Chester William Reese, said lot or portion of ground is designated and measures as follows: LOT C, measuring 94.05 feet front on Ash Street by a depth of 42 feet between equal and parallel lines. Being a portion of the same property acquired by Dowie L. Geodron in four acts registered in Conveyance Book 102, folio 179; Conveyance Book 102, Folio 182; Conveyance Book 102, folio 185; and Conveyance Book 102, folio 188.







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