Sheriff Sale

Sheriff Sale: 69947



Type: Real Estate
Suit No. 69947
Property: 17 Sonora Court LaPlace, Louisiana
Date Writ: November 10, 2016
Writ Amount: $152,910.06
Appraised? Yes   190,000.00
Plaintiff Attorney: J. Donald Morgan
Attorney's Phone: 225-761-0001


Sale Date: October 25, 2017
Sold Amount: $126,667.00
Property Description: A CERTAIN PIECE OR PORTION OF GROUND, situated in the Parish of St. John the Baptists, State of Louisiana, in RIVERWOOD SUBDIVISION, designated as LOT 8 on a plan of survey by Stephen P. Flynn. Dated July 3, 1996, and according thereto said Lot measures 37.02 feet front on Sonora Court to a point; thence measuring 118.75 feet along its Lot 9 side to a point; thence measuring 135 feet along its Indigo Parkway side to a point; thence measuring 153.95 feet along its Lot 7 side to the point of origination. The improvements thereon bear the Municipal Address: 17 Sonora Court, LaPlace, Louisiana 70068. The said property is sold, conveyed and accepted subject to any and all valid restrictions, servitudes, mineral conveyances and/or reservations of record affecting same if any. 1. Extant and subsisting subsurface mineral rights, if any, of whatever nature. 2. Any and all restrictive covenants. Reservations, easements, conditions, rights and servitudes contained in the public records. 3. Those restrictions as found in an Act dated July 10, 1996, registered in COB 331, folio 578; amended on July 12, 1996, registered in COB 331, folio 698. 4. That Mineral Reservation as registered in COB 224, folio 67 and COB 66, folio 778, surface rights waived. 5. That servitude often (10’) feet across the front of said Lot in favor of L.P.&L. Company as shown on the survey by Stephen P. Flynn, dated July 3, 1996. 6. That thirty (30’) foot minimum setback line along the entire front of the property as shown on the survey by Stephen P. Flynn, dated July 3, 1996. 7. That ten (10’) foot buffer/utility servitude along the entire Indigo Parkway side as shown on the survey by Stephen P. Flynn, dated July 3, 1996. Being the same property previously acquired by that certain Act of Cash Sale executed on April 25, 2013, by Raphael M. Early and Sharon Jones Early, husband and wife, unto Wilfred J. Millet, Jr., and Bonnie Pontiff Millet, husband and wife, as duly recorded on July 8,2013, at Instrument No. 322989.







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