405 Camelia Avenue, LaPlace, Louisiana

  • Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 74511
  • Date Writ Issued: 10/01/2019
  • Amount on Writ: $168,362.82
  • Appraised? No - Appraised Value: $0.00
  • Plaintiff Attorney: KRISTY M. FINLEY
  • Attorney Phone Number: 318-388-1440
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Sale Date: 03/04/2020
  • Sold Amount: $80,000.00

Plaintiff’s mortgage and/or privilege affects the following described property, to-wit:

TWO (2) CERTAIN LOTS OF GROUND, situated in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, State of Louisiana, located in Section 19, Township 11 South, Range 7 East, Southeastern District of Louisiana, in a subdivision situated within Lot “B” of Tract “G” of New Era Plantation, which subdivision is designated as UNIT 1, LAPLACE PARK, according to a plan by H. E. Landry, Sr., C.E., dated July 9, 1956, a copy of which has been approved by the St. John the Baptist Parish Police Jury, and is of record in the office of the Clerk of Court, said lots of ground are designated and measure as follows:

LOT NOS. 5 AND 6 of SOUARE 7. LOT NO. 5 measures 60 feet front on Finch Court, by a depth and front on Camellia Avenue of 95 feet, a depth on the opposite sideline of 95 feet, an da width in the rear of 60 feet. LOT NO. 6 measures a first front of 16.19 feet on Finch Court, then on a curve along Finch Court a distance of 44.18 feet, a depth of 95 feet on the sideline adjacent to Lot No. 5, a depth on the opposite sideline of 75 feet, and a width in the rear of 53.62 feet.

And in accordance with the plan of survey by Wilton J. Dufrene, Land Surveyor, dated February 16, 1984, a copy of which is annexed to COB 188, folio164, official records of St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana, said lots have the same designations, measurements and are situated in the same Parish, Subdivision and Square as above set forth, which square is bounded by Camellia Avenue, Finch Court, West Line of Subdivision (side) and Swan Street (side). Lot Nos. 5 and 6 have a combined frontage of 120.37 feet actual (76.19 feet title) on Finch Court, with a width in the rear of 113.62 feet, by a depth and front on Camellia Avenue of 95.00 feet and a depth on the opposite sideline of 75.00 feet; subject to restrictions, servitudes, rights-of-way and outstanding mineral rights of record affecting the property.