908 Linda Lane, LaPlace, Louisiana 70068

  • Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 75995
  • Plaintiff: CL45 LAS REO, LLC
  • Date Writ Issued: 10/14/2020
  • Amount on Writ: $130,406.45
  • Appraised? Yes - Appraised Value:
  • Plaintiff Attorney: Wayne Maiorana
  • Attorney Phone Number: 504 837-9040
  • Property Status: On Hold
  • Sale Date: 01/20/2021
  • Sold Amount:

THAT CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, designated as LOT, of PARCEL “C”, of the M&M Subdivision at LaPlace, St. John the Baptist Parish, in Section 23, T11S, R7E, Southeastern District of Louisiana, together with all rights, ways, servitudes, privileges and advantages thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining and by reference to a plat of survey of a portion of LaPlace Plantation by Harold J. Flynn, Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor, dated February 28, 1979, recorded in Map File 158, Parish of St. John the Baptist. Said lot is delineated thereon as follows LOT of Parcel “C” beginning at a point on the west side of Linda Lane S14°1023″ W a distance of 124.11 feet from the intersection of Linda Lane and Dominican Drive, thence N 75°49’37” W a distance of 89.75 feet along the boundary of Lot 14 and Lot 15, thence S 14°10’23” W a distance of 106.67 feet across the rear, thence S 75°49’37” W a distance of 10 feet along the end of Linda Lane, thence N 14°10’23” E a distance of 56.67 feet along Linda Lane to the point of beginning.

Being the same property acquired by vendors herein by act dated 03/26/82, registered in COB 162/600.

This act is made, executed and accepted subject to any and all restrictions, right of way, encroachments and servitudes of record, including, but not limited to, the following, to-wit:
1) Restrictive covenants attached to an Act of Sale dated April 30, 1979 and recorded in COB 129, folio 15, Entry No 67016
2) A 50 foot operating servitude along the southern boundary of the above property
3) Reservation of all gas and other minerals of every kind, character and description contained in Act of Sale dated April 30, 1979, recorded in COB 129, folio 15, Entry No 67016
4) A 7.5 foot servitude along the western as shown on the above survey.

Improvements thereon bear the municipal address 908 LINDA LANE, LAPLACE, LOUISIANA, 70068 and bearing Parcel Number 0400247500.