262 Historic East Street, Garyville, Louisiana

  • Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 76844
  • Defendant: ISIAH TELFAIR, as succession representative for THE SUCCESSION OF ERNEST STEWART AND MARIAN BATISTE
  • Date Writ Issued: 06/21/2022
  • Amount on Writ:
  • Appraised? No - Appraised Value:
  • Plaintiff Attorney: Jarrette J. Tuircuit
  • Attorney Phone Number: 9853594646
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Sale Date: 11/16/2022
  • Sold Amount: $10,100.00

A CERTAIN LOT OF GROUND, together with all the buildings and improvements thereon and all the rights, ways, privileges, servitudes and advantages thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, situated in the Village of Garyville, Parish of St. John the Baptist, Louisiana, on the left bank of the Mississippi River, forming part of the Glencoe Plantation, situated in Section 15, Township 11 South, Range 6 East, as per plan of survey made by Durald F. Woods, C.E., dated Lutcher, Louisiana, May 22, 1950, a blue print copy whereof is annexed to sale by Stebbins Lumber and Supply Company, Inc. to Evelyn Valentine Stewart, wife of, and Ernest Stewart dated May 9, 1957 and registered in Conveyance Bool 34, folio 335, Conveyance Records of St. John the Baptist Parish, and according thereto, said lot is designated thereon as:

LOT NO. ONE (1) IN SQUARE EIGHTEEN (18), shown in red on the above described plan of survey and measuring 100 feet in width and front on East Street (now Historic East Street) by a depth in an Easterly direction between parallel lines of 99.43 feet on its South or river side and 98.60 feet on its North or wood side and having a width of 100 feet on its Eastern boundary and is bounded on the West by East Street, on the East by a 25 feet strip of land reserved by Stebbins Lumber & Supply Company, Inc., and on the South by Lot No. 2 of Square 18, and on the North by Third Street.

Being the same property acquired by Evelyn Valentine Stewart, wife of, and Ernest Stewart from Stebbins Lumber and Supply Company, Inc. date May 9, 1957, before D. Elmore Becnel, Notary Public, registered in Conveyance Book 34, folio 335.

LOT 1 SQ 18 SUB GLENCOE PLT COB 34/335 (100’X99.43’X98.60’X100′)