• Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 77683
  • Plaintiff: THE MONEY SOURCE INC.
  • Defendant: SAM T. LOUQUE, (A/K/A SAM LOUQUE)
  • Date Writ Issued: 06/27/2022
  • Amount on Writ: $79,643.84
  • Appraised? Yes - Appraised Value: $110,000.00
  • Plaintiff Attorney: Penny Daigrepont
  • Attorney Phone Number: 504-831-7726
  • Property Status: For Sale
  • Sale Date: 03/22/2023
  • Sold Amount:

A CERTAIN LOT OR PARCEL OF GROUND, together with all the buildings and improvements thereon, situated in the PARISH OF ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, STATE OF LOUISIANA, on the left bank of the Mississippi River, forming a part of a portion of HOPE PLANTATION as per plan of survey made by A. C. Bell, Civil Engineer, New Orleans, Louisiana, dated March 30, 1904, and deposited in the office of the Clerk of Court of the Parish of St. John the Baptist, for reference, said lot of ground being designated on said plan as follows:

LOT NO. 10 in BLOCK ONE, measuring 60 feet in width by 122 feet in length; bounded North by Stanley Street, South by Lot twelve (12), East by Lot Nine (9) and West by Lot Eleven (11).

Which has the address of 624 Garyville Northern Street, Garyville, LA 70051