436 Belle Chase Drive, LaPlace, Louisiana

  • Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 78984
  • Date Writ Issued: 03/13/2023
  • Amount on Writ: $150,753.28
  • Appraised? No - Appraised Value:
  • Plaintiff Attorney: CRIS JACKSON
  • Attorney Phone Number: 504-581-9444
  • Property Status: On Hold
  • Sale Date: 11/15/2023
  • Sold Amount:

A CERTAIN PIECE OR PORTION OF GROUND, together with all the buildings and improvements thereon, and all of the rights, ways, privileges, servitudes, appurtenances and advantages thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining, situated in the Parish of St. John the Baptist, State of Louisiana, in RIVERLAND HEIGHTS SUBDIVISION, being a subdivision of a portion of the LaPlace Plantation, as shown on a plan by J. J. Krebs & Sons, C.E. & S., dated 8-15-64, revised 2-16-65, according to which said portion of ground is designated to wit:

LOT 65-A, SQUARE 6, is bounded by Belle Chase Drive, Ridgefield Drive (side), Lacour Drive (side) and Bellevue Drive, and commences at a distance of One Hundred Seventeen feet Five inches (117.05) feet from the intersection of Belle Chase Drive and Bellevue Drive, measuring sixty-five feet ninety-five inches (65.95) front on Belle Chase Drive, with a width in the rear of sixty-three feet fifty-six inches (63.56), by a depth of one hundred three (103.00) feet on the Ridgefield Drive (side) sideline and ninety-three feet fifty-seven (93.57) in the opposite sideline. All in accordance with a survey by Dading, Marques & Associates, Inc., dated 7-31-89.