Raychell Harris, 41, of Harvey, was arrested December 18, 2023 following a credit card theft and fraud investigation into her LaPlace business.

In November 2022, the St. John Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division received a report of credit card theft and fraud by Harris Legal Support Services LLC and its owner, Raychell Harris.

The victim reported that Harris had signed a contract to perform grant writing for his construction business. The victim stated that after he had entered a written contract with Harris, he made credit card payments totaling $2,000, the authorized cost of service agreed upon between the victim and Harris.

Shortly after, the victim discovered unauthorized debits totaling $5,000 made by Harris and Harris Legal Support Services. Upon the discovery of the $5,000 unauthorized debits, the victim questioned Harris who admitted she had used his credit cards to make withdrawals for purchases for her business; and she would return the money.

Attempting to cash a $5,000 check from Harris, the victim learned there were insufficient funds to cover the check. The victim also discovered Harris failed to complete the work as agreed upon.

Based on investigation, detectives obtained a judicial warrant for Harris’ arrest.

She was booked with theft by fraud $5,000 to $25,000 (felony); and access device fraud $5K-$25,000 (felony).

Harris was released December 18, 2023 on a $3,000 bond.

This investigation is ongoing. Anyone who has a similar complaint that has not been reported, please call Det. Dennis James at 985-359-8809 as soon as possible.