Lieutenant Jared Seruntine, SJSO Traffic Commander, was recognized recently as a 2023 graduate of the School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill.

Lieutenant Seruntine was among 22 students who successfully completed the Staff and Command online program conducted June 5 through November 12, 2023.

Northwestern’s School of Police Staff and Command provides upper-level college instruction in 27 blocks of instruction and additional optional blocks during each session lasting 22 weeks. The major topics of study include: Leadership, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Organizational Behavior, Applied Statistics, Planning and Policy Development, Budgeting and Resource Allocation.

The program challenges students through written examinations, projects, presentations and quizzes in addition to writing a staff study paper, all of which is required parts of the curriculum. It is an intensive leadership and management education program that helps prepare experienced law enforcement professionals for success in senior command positions.