Punt Pass Kick Rules and Regulations


The event is open to boys and girls ages 6 -13. Boys and girls compete separately. The five age classifications are based upon the child’s age as of June 10 of the current year. There is no charge to participate in the SJSO PUNT, PASS & KICK event. Participants must register by visiting our website at www.stjohnsheriff.org  Participants must be present at the scheduled warm up time to compete. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility.


Each participant is allowed two punts, two passes and two placekicks as part of his or her event. Scores are based on both distance and accuracy. Scores are based on exact feet and inches (partial inches are rounded to nearest inch).  A participant’s final score is his or her cumulative total for the three individual events.  There is no violation if the kicking tee is kicked with the football during the kicking event. Scores are determined from where a participant’s punt/pass/kick first makes contact with the ground. Bounces or rolls do not add to the score. If a participant tries to punt, pass or kick and misses the ball completely, it does not count as an attempt, and another attempt is allowed.


No football shoes, turf shoes, cleats or bare feet are allowed. Only soft-sole tennis shoes are permitted. Failure to wear tennis shoes results in the disqualification of the participant.  Equipment, other than shoes, needed for the event, is provided by the sponsors. Participants may not utilize their own equipment (such as tees or footballs).  A PP&K T-shirt will be provided to children who register by May 15, 2023. All other participants will receive a T-shirt, if surplus is available at the event.


Trophies will be handed out for the first, second and third place overall winners in each division in every age group. Highest scorers for each skill will be awarded a medal in each age group.


Horse play, rough conduct, contact football, foul language, poor sportsmanship or any other inappropriate conduct as determined by the volunteer coordinators will not be allowed or acceptable. Conduct deemed inappropriate or not in the best spirit and intent of this program and/or fair competition may result in immediate disqualification of a participant and/or a parent/guardian. All participants when not actively competing and spectators must remain in the designated viewing areas. Parents and/or Legal Guardians must remain on site of the event with their child(ren). Any spectator not participating in the competition should remain their designated area. Spectators must stay off the field during the times of the competition.