Lt. Kirt Tregre graduates from International Forensic Science Academy

Sheriff Wayne L. Jones, Lt. Kirt Tregre, Chief Harold Klibert

Lieutenant Kirt Tregre, a Crime Scene Investigator and a 20 year veteran of the St. John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office, recently completed 280 hours of academic instruction and training at the International Forensic Science Academy at Camp Shelby, MS. The Academy is a partnership of the University of Southern Mississippi and the Southern Regional Public Safety Institute.

The course was a seven week training program designed to educate crime scene investigators in many forensic science disciplines. Participants were privilege to world renowned instructors and took part in hands on workshops and practical instructions. The course study included: basic crime scene analysis; diagramming; CAD zone; crime scene photography; alternate light source; blood stain pattern analysis; latent prints; footwear and tire impressions; shooting incident reconstruction; and courtroom testimony.

Sheriff Jones stated, “This is a continuation of my efforts to provide greater educational opportunities for my personnel. Such training will transcend to making St. John Parish a safer community. Programs of this magnitude and the FBI National Academy create higher levels of professionalism within the sheriff’s office. I am proud of the men and women who participate in these programs and make personal sacrifices to further their education.”