Sheriff Mike Tregre announces that the LoJack vehicle theft signal detection system is now being installed into St John Sheriff Patrol units. This system will automatically pick up the location of vehicle reported stolen when the stolen vehicle is in the vicinity of a patrol car equipped with the Lojack detection system.



LoJack to the Rescue
Theft of motor vehicles is a serious global problem. Police and law enforcement agencies around the world use LoJack to track and recover stolen vehicles quickly, many times while the thief is still in the vehicle.

LoJack Protects Your Vehicle
90 percent of all stolen cars, trucks and SUVs equipped with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System have been recovered, many within a few hours. Due to the high number of quick recoveries with LoJack, many insurance companies offer discounts on comprehensive insurance premiums (fire, theft and vandalism) for vehicles equipped with the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System.

LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Overview
Through an unequaled and highly successful partnership with law enforcement agencies throughout the country, LoJack is the only provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems whose technology is fully integrated with police systems. LoJack provides federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies with special tracking technology enabling police to track and recover your stolen vehicle.

The patented LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System includes a small Radio-Frequency transceiver hidden in one of 20 places in your vehicle. Each LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System has a unique code that is tied into the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). When a theft is reported to the police, a routine entry into the state’s police crime computer results in a match of the LoJack System’s unique code against the state VIN database. This automatically activates the LoJack Unit in your vehicle, which emits an inaudible signal. Law enforcement authorities that are equipped with LoJack Police Tracking Computers—in their police cars and aviation units—are always listening for a LoJack signal. Police use the LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System to track and recover your LoJack-equipped vehicle.

Series of antenna’s are install on roof
to receive signal.

LoJack receiver mounted inside unit to
right of rear view mirror.

Close up of LoJack receiver.

Completed installation.