Pictured are St John Sheriff’s Officers who recently attended the Field Training Officer (FTO) class hosted by the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.  These officers will now be able to properly train all newly hired St John Deputies.  Thanks to Sheriff Jack Strain for assisting in setting up the FTO training for our department.

Attending were (L-R) First Row: Sgt. Callun Malbrough, Sgt. Gloria Tassin, Dpy. Brian Koretzky, Dpy. Morris Sarah, Dpy. Javonna Cordova, St. Tammay SO Training Officer Capt. Cathy Porter, and Sgt. Charles Wale.
Back Row: Lt. Cleven Remondet, Dpy. Chris Powell, Sgt. Yolanda Crawford, and Sgt. Blane Rome Jr.