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Published Saturday, March 11, 2017


This is my victory lap! In this month’s article, I am happy to report a 24 percent reduction in crime in St. John the Baptist Parish from 2016 compared to the statistics of 2015.

And while the victory lap is mine, I cannot take full responsibility for this success. It is incredible teamwork being done by the men and women at St. John Sheriff’s Office.

Our deputies deserve the credit on a job well done. These statistics are being sliced and diced by many, such as the media, home owner association groups and social media.

These reductions did not occur by over policing, under policing or new significant investigative methods. What has proven reliable and dependable in our crime fighting efforts are a combination of citizen cooperation, technology, better trained officers and improved communication within departments and with other outside agencies.

The mission is now to maintain the progress being made and build upon it. We will accomplish this by continuing to stay up to date on advanced technology, maintaining a strong visible presence on the streets and in the neighborhoods, ongoing officer training and even more outreach programs in the community in order to  strengthen and maintain your support and trust.

The members of SJSO are trying their best.

Do you think this happened because of perfect planning? Not as long as Murphy’s Law exists!

As Sheriff, there is no way on Earth I can promise a crime-free parish. But residents of the parish express a variety of emotions on that subject.

Some residents believe that there should be no crime at all, period! Some residents want us everywhere all the time, whether it’s a speeding vehicle down their street or a vehicle driving through the neighborhood with loud music, they expect that we be able to put an end to it.

These are the residents that tell us crime is out of control. Others, believe it or not, don’t want anything to do with law enforcement, until they need us.

But when you think about it, can crime actually be eliminated? Crime prevention strategies are key to crime control. We all use physical barriers to help prevent crime such as home surveillance cameras, security systems with warning signs, locks, dogs, fences, etc. because we should all do our part to protect ourselves and our personal property.

However, many citizens are still leaving vehicles unlocked with valuables in plain view. Criminals tend to return to an area where they have been successful.

It is not easy to determine what criminals look like these days? If you look at the booking pictures of individuals on the SJSO website, it would show anyone and everyone from all parts of the parish and all walks of life.

So be diligent about self protection.

As we begin 2017, there will be victories and losses to make up the history book. But we can continue to have success again if we stick together.


Don’t forget to spring forward as the time changes tomorrow and hope you enjoyed the lap!