Johnathan Jacob

Johnathan Jacob, 32, of LaPlace was arrested Sunday, August 13, 2017 for battery of a police officer, public intimidation, narcotics possession, and other charges following an incident that occurred during traffic control at the intersection of LA 628 and Cardinal Street in LaPlace.

On Sunday, August 13, 2017, at 10:15 a.m., deputies were conducting traffic control at the intersection of LA 628 and Cardinal Street where a two-vehicle crash had occurred. Deputies were directing traffic when they observed a vehicle traveling in a no passing zone, then the driver ignored commands to stop. Eventually, the driver came to a stop about 30 feet from where the vehicle was ordered to stop. Deputies made contact with the driver identified as Johnathan Jacob who began arguing with officers.

Jacob voluntarily consented to a search of his vehicle. As Jacob was exiting the vehicle, deputies observed small amounts of marijuana on Jacob’s clothing as well as the front driver’s seat and floor board. During the search, deputies discovered methamphetamines in a vial and a marijuana cigarette in a compartment in the front of the transmission shifting handle. A pair of silver hemostats with a marijuana residue was also recovered on the floor board of the vehicle.

While attempting to handcuff Jacob, he positioned his hands in front of his body and refused to move them to behind his body. Deputies eventually handcuffed Jacob; and as they were placing him in the rear of the police unit, he became combative, kicking the rear, passenger compartment windows. As deputies were opening the rear door in an attempt to calm Jacob, he spit on officers and also threatened them.

Upon arrival at the Sherman Walker Correctional Facility, Jacob was booked with public intimidation – threats (felony), possession of methamphetamine less than 28 grams (felony), battery of a police officer (misdemeanor), resisting an officer (misdemeanor), possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia 1st offense (misdemeanor), possession of marijuana 1st offense (misdemeanor), obedience to police officers, weights and standards police, no passing zones, all drivers must secure license, and emergency vehicle exception. Jacob has several previous arrests for narcotics possession. He is being held in custody in lieu of a $20,750 bond.