Sgt. Danielle Falgoust recently visited the Parent Teacher Organization meeting at Ascension of Our Lord School in LaPlace where she talked about bullying and bullying prevention.
Sgt. Falgoust spoke about various forms of bullying including verbal, nonverbal, social, physical, sexual harassment, and cyber. She reminded parents since many young people have cell phones and access to social media, they can easily get involved in messaging that can affect their personal lives as well as their school lives, especially when it comes to bullying one or several of their classmates.
Sgt. Falgoust encouraged parents to educate themselves and talk with their children about anti-bullying, and showing compassion, kindness, respect and acceptance towards all students.
Sgt. Falgoust also suggested that schools consider starting an anti-bullying committee including parents, administrators, school staff and student representatives to establish an anti-bullying policy and stay firm with consequences.