Sheriff Mike Tregre is proud to announce nine senior road officers graduated June 5, 2020 from the St. John Parish Sheriff’s Office’s first Field Training Officers program. These newly certified FTOs will now help new patrol deputies navigate their way through the first few months of the job.
Sheriff Tregre said he is proud of the new Field Training Officers. They are Joseph Knox, Travis Klibert, Avo Marzwanian Joshua Matherne, Bryce McClendon, Seth Rome, David Samson, Taryus Smith and Justin Williams.
“You were chosen for this program … because your commanders see you as leaders,” Sheriff Tregre told the class. “Now, it’s your responsibility to lead new officers and teach them the right way to do the job. It’s part of your job now to help these officers be the best they can possibly be.”
Field training is essential for teaching recruits how to apply police academy instruction with real world situations, Sheriff Tregre said.
The SJSO’s program, Recruit Officer Performance Evaluation Standard or ROPES, is designed to provide experienced officers with the knowledge and skills necessary to properly and effectively train new deputies in the field. Sgt. Michael Pugh and Sgt. Daniel Materne were instructors for the 40-hour certification class.
For four months, the FTOs will work with new patrol deputies, offering them instruction, supervision, guidance and experience to increase proficiency of tasks and to develop professionalism, good judgment, efficiency, and good habits of conduct and appearance. The FTOs will rate recruits in several areas during a daily evaluation.
Sheriff Tregre said he is committed to providing the best training possible to ensure new officers are ready to protect and serve their community. The hiring and training of quality recruits is a top priority, he said.
The FTO class is part of SJSO’s continuing education program.