Sgt. Danielle Falgoust, Lt. Basil Trepagnier and Deputy Ingrid Perrilloux had a great time October 2, 2020 when they visited with preschool students for Career Day at Little Harvard Learning Academy in LaPlace.
Sgt. Falgoust and Lt. Trepagnier stressed to the children that police officers work hard to keep them safe. Officers are their friends and community elpers, they told the children. They teach people about the law, solve problems, and serve and protect the community. The officers also spoke to the children about when to call 911 and personal safety and “stranger danger.”
Deputy Perrilloux also gave each child a goodie bag with 911 coloring books, stickers, and junior deputy tattoos. The officers enjoyed meeting these aspiring police officers, firefighters, teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, chefs and basketball players for Career Day.