Deputy Anaya Teekell was recognized as officer of the first quarter for her quick and professional response that was instrumental in saving the life of a two-month-old infant, Sheriff Mike Tregre announced today.

Presenting the award were Harold and Toni Flynn, owners of Flynn Land Design, Officer of the First Quarter sponsor.

On January 5, 2022, Deputy Teekell was the first officer on scene to respond to a LaPlace residence in reference to a baby bitten in the face by a pit bull and possibly choking on her blood. The frantic and hysterical mother, holding the baby who appeared to be limp and not breathing, came in contact with Deputy Teekell who then made the decision to transport the mother, who was also bitten, and the baby, to the hospital.

Deputy Teekell’s quick response and appropriate action — to not wait on EMS — along with the medical care administered at local hospitals contributed to the baby’s survival, Lt Greg Baker said.

“Deputy Teekell displayed professionalism, good decision making and bravery that an officer should present on any and all calls for service,” Lt. Baker said.

The baby’s grandmother also expressed her gratitude to Deputy Teekell and other responding officers.

“The deputy … sawn how critical (the baby) was and … and decided to take us by her unit to the hospital because we had no time to waste. The other deputies made sure she was got us to the hospital quickly and safely. I can’t thank her enough for what she did to make sure (the baby) survived.”