Sheriff Mike Tregre and a few of his fellow officers were excited to spend the morning, talking with students during St. John Parish’s College and Career Fair on September 22, 2022 at New Wine Christian Fellowship gym in LaPlace.

About 400 students from East St. John and West St. John and St. John STEM attended the event.

Officers with 911, Patrol, SWAT, Corrections, Criminal Investigations, Training, and Human Resources captured the attention of several of the students as they talked about their respective careers. They spoke about the nature of their work, working conditions, training, salaries, and related occupations. Officers answered many questions of students who wanted to get a better understanding of law enforcement and public service.

Not only did Sheriff Tregre talk about what it takes to be a police officer, but of enhancing life skills to be a productive member of society.

Since keyboard skills are essential in nearly every career, Sheriff Tregre encouraged students to improve their typing speed and accuracy. Also, employers often want workers who can speak another language, therefore, Sheriff Tregre said it’s important for students to become proficient at speaking a foreign language.

No matter what career you decide on, Sheriff Tregre told students, keep improving yourself in some way.

Captain Wale and Lt. Seruntine demonstrated the SJSO drones and robotics and talked about how they aid officers in investigations. Students also checked out SWAT equipment and the BearCat armored vehicle.

The officers agreed it was a great morning with these young people, and they were grateful to the school system for the invitation to talk at the College and Career Fair.

Speakers were Sheriff Tregre, Deputy Terence Wilson, Deputy Ingrid Perrilloux, Deputy Ashley Clement, Deputy Shelmyra Clark, Deputy Brian Kennedy, Cpl. Justin Williams, Deputy Kristen Dunn, Lt. Kaiana Knight, Captain Chip Wale, Sgt. Joshua Matherne, Lt. Mike Dean, Lt. Jared Seruntine, Lt. Chris Crawford, Lt. Brian Schum and Milli.