Jalen Joseph Johnson, 18, of Edgard was arrested April 6, 2023 after stealing cell phones from individuals at local businesses and trading them in for cash.

On March 30, 2023, a male subject, later identified as Johnson, reported to a store clerk that he lost his phone in the store. When the clerk offered the subject the use of his personal cell phone to ping the location of the subject’s phone, the subject ran out the store with the clerk’s phone and fled in a dark-colored Honda.

On April 1, 2023 officers responded to a theft incident at a local business. As he was shopping, the victim reported, a subject,, later identified as Johnson, snatched his cell phone right out of his hand, took off running then entered a dark-colored Honda Accord and drove away.

Officers also responded to an attempted theft on April 1, 2023 at a local store. The victim reported that a male, later identified as Johnson, attempted to steal her purse as she approached the entrance to a store. As the suspect grabbed her purse, she swung at him, and he fled the scene running to the back of the parking lot and drove off in a dark-colored Honda Accord.

Shortly after the incidents, detectives discovered that the suspect, later identified as Johnson, turned in the cell phones for instant cash at a cell phone Kiosk at a local business. These kiosks then recycle the used cell phones.

Based on investigation and review of surveillance video, detectives developed Johnson as the suspect. Detectives obtained a judicial warrant for Johnson’s arrest. upon arresting him, and handcuffing him, Johnson made an attempt to run.

Johnson was charged with theft – $1000 – $5,000 (felony), attempted simple robbery, simple robbery and resisting an officer (misd). He is being held in custody in lieu of a $51,500 bond. Johnson also was wanted on a fugitive Warrant for Kenner Police Department.