Sgt. Caroline Chevez has been named Officer of the First Quarter for an exceptional job performance during a recent execution of a high risk search warrant at a LaPlace home. Presenting the award is Sheriff Mike Tregre.

Sgt. Chevez was requested by the SJSO SWAT and Narcotics team and DEA to communicate with three Hispanic males and a Hispanic juvenile who could not speak English. Based on information obtained through investigation and surveillance, the LaPlace home was known to be occupied by these Hispanic males.

Upon execution of the warrant, two subjects immediately surrendered and were taken into custody. The juvenile was also escorted from the residence to safety. Sgt. Chevez interviewed the subjects, and she learned that another male was still inside the residence.

SWAT began to port windows to safely make contact with the remaining subject. Meanwhile, Sgt. Chevez gave clear, concise instructions through the BearCat loud speaker, in Spanish, to the subject, encouraging him to surrender and exit the residence.

Shortly after, SWAT made contact with the subject through a rear bedroom window. Sgt. Chevez continued to instruct him, commanding him to exit the residence through the front door and to the Bearcat where he was taken into custody without incident. No one was injured.

“Sgt. Chevez was instrumental in establishing communications with the subjects and obtaining information from the subjects,” Sheriff Mike Tregre said. “Her cool, calm demeanor and clear, concise commands greatly assisted with the safe, effective, and peaceful resolution of this incident.”

The execution of a search warrant is one of the most dangerous assignments an officer can face. And, the fact that the suspects were unable to speak English heightened the risks of execution, Sheriff Tregre said.

“Having officers like Sgt. Chevez, who can communicate with non-English speakers, is crucial,” he said. “These officers can establish trust, articulate commands, and collect more accurate information about crimes.”