There’s a new sheriff in town, and his name is Ethan Robertson. Ethan, an eighth grader at Riverside Academy (Official Site) in Reserve, reported for duty at the St. John Sheriff’s Office today. Ethan took over the job from Sheriff Mike Tregre when Sheriff Tregre welcomed him as Sheriff for a Day. Ethan won this title for being the top bidder of Sheriff for a Day in the Riverside’s spring fair’s auction.

Sheriff Tregre reported to Riverside Academy first thing in the morning to deputize Ethan before an audience of his classmates. Cpl. Jose Portillo provided security throughout the day for Sheriff Robertson as they traveled in a police unit to various divisions for morning reports.

Sheriff Robertson enjoyed touring the Lloyd B. Johnson Law Enforcement Training Center including the virtual reality room, the gym, and shooting ranges. He also toured the 911 Communications Center, the Criminal Investigations Division, Human Resources and Patrol Headquarters; and he learned about fingerprinting and collecting evidence during a visit to the Crime Scene Division.

Touring the SWAT training complex, checking out the BearCat armored vehicle and Search and Rescue boats, operating a drone, and participating in a taser simulation were among the highlights of the day, he said.

Ethan also spent time with Sheriff Tregre in his personal office.