• Type: Real Estate
  • Suit #: 79772
  • Defendant: DONALD MILLER, JR.
  • Date Writ Issued: 08/01/2023
  • Amount on Writ: $112,799.68
  • Appraised? No - Appraised Value:
  • Plaintiff Attorney: Candace A. Courteau
  • Attorney Phone Number: 318-388-1440
  • Property Status: Sold
  • Sale Date: 11/29/2023
  • Sold Amount: $2,000.00

Plaintiff’s mortgage and/or privilege affects the following described property, to-wit:

THAT CERTAIN PIECE OR PORTION OF GROUND, situated in Carrollwood Subdivision No. 3, according to plan of J.J. Krebs & Sons, said portion of ground being designated and measures as follows;

Lot No. 32, Square 1 396 Fairway Drive, commencing at a distance of 340.00 feet from the intersection of Fairway Drive and Shadow Lane, thence measuring 60.01 feet front along Fairway Drive thence measuring by a depth of 100.00 feet along the Ridgefield Drive side, thence measuring 67.50 feet in the rear along the Afton Court side, thence measuring by a depth of 100.00 feet along the Shadow Lane side to the point of origination All in accordance with the survey by J.J. Krebs & Sons, Inc., dated December 21, 1976 and restated February 4, 1977, and resurveyed March 4, 1977 to show improvements; subject to restrictions, servitudes, rights-of-way and outstanding mineral rights of record affecting the property.